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    Portal logo The mission of the Portal:
    formation of favorable information, socio-cultural, business and educational environment for the sustainable development of nuclear industry in our country.

    Objectives of the Portal:
    acceleration of search and access to the necessary data and information;
    creation of new knowledge;
    promotion of participation in research, education and training programs in the nuclear industry.

    Basic principles of the Portal
    1) discussion the requirements of the Portal with all stakeholders before development;
    2) developing a hierarchical taxonomy of the Portal;
    3) constant test of the Portal for compliance with technical requirements;
    4) transparency of the development of the Portal;
    5) publishing a description of the Portal;
    6) including in the group of developers representatives of all interested organizations.

    Stages of the creation of the Portal:
    1) development of the detailed structure of the Portal with the recommendations of the IAEA, taking into account the world experience of creating such portals, the opinions and suggestions of all the prospective participants in the creation of such a portal in Belarus;
    2) development of software and analysis of hardware to create an on-line portal prototype, start filling it with information;
    3) technical and program implementation of the Portal, filling the Portal of information and knowledge.

    The novelty of the work on the creation of the Portal:
    developing the belarusian educational and research portal of nuclear knowledge, taking into account the specific conditions of the Republic of Belarus on the basis of belarusian software - electronic document management system E-Lab .



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    The initiators of the proposal:

    INP logo Research Institute for Nuclear Problems of BSU,
    Faculty of Chemistry of BSU,
    Faculty of Physics of BSU

    BSU logo



    News News

    18.12.2014. Beta-version of the portal BelNET (in Russian) is here.

    05.11.13. Oral presentation and paper in Proceedings of International Congress on Computer Science: Information Systems and Technologies CSIST'13:

    S.N.Sytova, S.V.Charapitsa, A.S.Lobko. "Possibility of using the system of electronic document management system E-Lab for creation of educational and research portal of nuclear knowledge" (in Russian).

    08.08.13. Prototype of belarusian educational and research portal of nuclear knowledge BelNET is created.

    01.08.13. The XII-th International School-Seminar "The Actual Problems of Microworld Physics". Gomel, Belarus, July 22 - August 2, 2013.
    A.S.Lobko, S.N.Sytova, S.V.Charapitsa. Taxonomy of belarusian educational and research portal of nuclear knowledge .

    25.04.13. Contribution presented at the IV Congress of physicists of Belarus.
    A.S. Lobko, S.N. Sytova, S.V.Charapitsa. Training and learn to nuclear knowledge portal (in Russain). Abstracts of the report here (in Russian).

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