Joint Belarus-Korea Symposium on the Physics of Functional Nanomaterials and Nanodevices
June 17-19, 2014

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17 June, 12:00 Meeting in the Rector's office


17 June, BSU Faculty of Physics, auditorium 330

Opening 15:00-15:10

Session I: 15:10-16:30.
1. Jin Pyo Hong. Binary oxide-based resistive switches in configurations for 3D nano-scalable stackable nonvolatile memory applications
2. G.E. Malashkevich, V.V. Kouhar, T.G. Khottchenkova, V.A. Orlovich, I.A. Khodasevich. Optical materials on the basis of CeO2:Ln and Yb2O3:Ln nanoparticles: synthesis, structure and spectral-luminescent properties
3. Seokhyun Yoon. Raman Scattering Studies of Various Condensed Matter Systems
4. V. Baryshevsky, N. Belous, A. Gurinovich, E. Gurnevich, P. Kuzhir, S. Maksimenko, P. Molchanov, M. Shuba, T. Kaplas, Yu. Svirko. Study of nanometrically thin pyrolytic carbon films for explosive electron emission cathode in high-voltage planar diode

Coffee break 16:30 - 16:50

Session II: 16:50-18:30
5. Dong-Wook Kim. Efficient Management of Photons and Carriers using Metal and Semiconductor Nanostructures for Novel Photovoltaics
6. J. Fedotova, A. Fedotov, I. Svito, P. Zukowski, T. Koltunowich. Development of microminiature planar (noncoil-like) inductive elements based on metal-semiconductor-dielectric nanocomposites
7. A. Kukhta. Organic-inorganic Nanocomposites for Electrode Applications
8. V. Lapanik, A. Lugouskiy. Influence of the size and the attached organic tail of modified diamond nanoparticles on the physical properties of liquid crystals

Welcome party 18:40 - 22:00

18 June, BSU Faculty of Physics, auditorium 330

Session III: 9:30-10:50.
9. V. E. Borisenko. Resistivity switching in hafnium dioxide nanostructures
10. Jinki Hong, Jin Dong Song, Joonyeon Chang. Magneto-diode: principle and application to chameleon processor
11. A.Antanovich, A. Prudnikau, A. Fedosyuk, M. Artemyev. Thin Film Structures from Semiconductor Heteronanocrystals Optics and Optoelectronic Applications
12. J. Fedotova, A. Fedotov, A. Mazanik, I. Svito, E. Streltsov. A huge magnetoresistive effect in n-Si/SiO2/Ni nanostructures fabricated by the template-assisted electrochemical deposition

Coffee break 10:50 -11:20

Session IV: 11:20-13:00
13. Hyunsik Im, Hyunsang Kim, Jongmin Kim, Yongcheol Jo, J. Han. Electrochemical Characteristics of flexible supercapacitors with PANI-MWCNT/graphene nanocomposite electrodes
14. N.A. Poklonski. Carbon low-dimensional systems in electromechanics
15. Seung-Woong Lee, Won Chel Choi. Growth of carbon nanotubes with diameter and density control
16. S. A. Maksimenko, M.V. Shuba, P. P. Kuzhir. Terahertz response of length-calibrated carbon nanotube thin films
17. V. K. Ksenevich. Charge transport in arrays of carbon nanotubes

Lunch 13:00 - 15:00

Session V: 15:00-16:40
18. Hyunsang Kim, Hyunsik Im, Jongmin Kim, Yongcheol Jo, J. Han. Effects of atomically engine-ered junction interface on resistive switching performance in Al-WOx-Al resistive memory
19. V.V. Uglov, S.V. Zlotski, A.Y. Rovbut. Ion irradiation behavior of nanostructured TiZrAlN-based hard coatings'
20. D.B. Migas, A.B. Filonov, V.E. Borisenko. Orientation effects in structural and electronic properties of anatase TiO2 nanowires and nanotubes
21. V. Lapanik, A.Lugouski, S.Timofeev. Special Nanoparticles as a Basis to Create Fast-Switching VA LCD’s with Wide Viewing Angle
22. .. Streltsov, N.V. Malashchonak, A.V. Mazanik. Synthesis and characterization of nanohetero-structures based on wide-gap oxides and nanoparticles of chalcogenide semiconductors
23. M.V. Shuba, A.G. Paddubskaya, P.P. Kuzhir, S.A. Maksimenko. Microwave spectroscopy of single-walled carbon nanotube suspension: theory and experiment

Coffee break 16:40 -17:10

Session VI: 17:10-18:00

Roundtable discussion

Closing Session

Program and Book of Abstracts



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