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Innovative activities

  • Methods, instruments and equipment for the extraordinary situations protection, radio- and ecological monitoring of the environment; medical control
  • Design, measurement and application of microwave, millimeter wave and submillimeter wave elements: resonators and waveguides, instruments for noise measurement
  • Methods and equipment for application of microwave energy in the modern biotechnology: effective control of seed and soil infection diseases, increase of seed germinating power, effective sterilization of soil and mineral substrate used in hothouses.
  • Detectors for ionizing radiation registration
  • Medical diagnostic equipment
  • Study of mathematical models for the implementation of modern methods of detailed hydrocarbon analysis composition of matter, automobile gasoline and diesel fuels
  • Explore ways to develop the project on unification of working with various analytical instruments
  • Analysis of current algorithms, software development for Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) E-Lab
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