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Spin Astroparticle Physics and Cosmology

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  • The new method of searching primordial black holes is proposed which opens up opportunity to improve constraints on their number density and could be used for the investigation of such principal astrophysical and cosmological questions like primordial inhomogenity scale, inflationary models, dark matter nature, cosmic microwave background origin and composition, stellar scale black hole occurrence and gravitational collapse nature.
  • The analytical expressions for the complete absorption of a carbon white dwarf, neutron star and planet by a primordial black hole was obtained for the first time. Black holes with the masses less than 1.3 Solar mass (that are unachievable during the usual star evolution) will appear as a consequence of complete white dwarf absorption by a primordial black hole. The parameters of neutrino radiation accompanying the neutronization process in the accretion flow of carbon white dwarf matter onto a primordial black hole are calculated.
  • For the first time huge neutrino burst appearing on the final stage of white dwarf absorption by a primordial black hole is predicted. It is shown, that such neutrino burst could be detected by the existing neutrino detectors. Neutrino oscillations in the white dwarf matter absorbing by a primordial black hole are investigated.
  • It is shown that, contrary to the widespread opinion, particle collisions considerably increase accretion rate from the cosmological background onto multidimensional primordial black holes formed during the high-energy phase of the Randall-Sundrum Type II braneworld scenario.
  • It turn increase of the accretion rate leads to much tighter constraints on initial primordial black hole mass fraction imposed by the critical density limit and measurements of high-energy diffuse photon background and antiproton excess as well as by nucleosynthesis data and observational limits on distortion of the CMB spectrum and residual hydrogen ionization.
  • It is shown also that a drastic modifications of PBH properties in the extra dimension presence makes the method of extra-dimensional PBH search by of possible celestial body absorption much more effective and realistic. First, the decrease of Hawking radiation intensity allows to survive till present the extra-dimensional PBHs with masses many orders less that the 4D Hawking mass. Second, the strong extra-dimensional gravity allows these PBHs to decelerate fast and become captured by white dwarfs or other celestial bodies. And third, the same strong gravity makes possible complete white dwarf absorption by these light BHs for the cosmological time. The possibility of white dwarf detection through either the accompanying neutrino burst or a forming Solar-mass BH allows to set up a constraint on the multidimensional PBH mass fraction as well as the multidimensional gravity in the region of Planck masses from 1 TeV to 1 PeV can be searched for.
  • Scientific leader Prof. V.V. Tikhomirov


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