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Spin Volume Free Electron Laser

VFEL principles

Volume Free Electron Laser (VFEL) is the most compact type of free electron laser, providing the highest power and wide range frequency tuning.

The idea of this absolutely new type of Free Electron Laser was developed in Belarus. The investigations resulted in VFEL development have being carried out since 1970. VFEL first lasing was obtained in 2001 [V.G.Baryshevsky et al., Nucl. Instr. and Meth. A483 (2002)21 ]

VFEL: benefits

  • VFEL provides more effective interaction of an electron beam with electromagnetic waves. This allows significant reduction of electron beam current, necessary to reach generation threshold. In addition, it allows to reduce the size of generator.
  • Wide electron beams and diffraction gratings of large volumes can be used in VFEL. This let to obtain much higher radiation power without sparkovers and damage of resonator and output system. Life time of system becomes longer.
  • Volume Free Electron Laser (VFEL) history

  • Prediction of spontaneous and induced parametric and diffraction transition X-ray radiation from charged particles in crystals was carried out in 1971 [ V.G. Baryshevsky: Doklady Akademy of Science Belarus 15, 306 (1971) V.G.Baryshevsky, I.D.Feranchuk: Sov.Phys. JETP 34, 502 (1972)].
  • Parametric X-ray radiation was observed for electron and proton beams in crystals [ Y.N. Adishchev, V.G. Baryshevsky, S.A. Vorobiev et al.: Sov.Phys.JETP.Lett. 41 (1985) 361 V.P. Afanasenko, V.G. Baryshevsky, S.V. Gatsicha, Sov. JETP Lett. 51 (1990) 213 ].
  • Detailed analysis of induced PXR demonstrated unique possibilities provided by the volume distributed feedback is proposed in V.Baryshevsky, I.Feranchuk Phys. Lett. 102 A, 141 (1984); V.Baryshevsky, I.Feranchuk, A.Ulyanenkov “Parametric X-Ray Radiation in Crystals. Theory, Experiment and Applications” Series: Springer Tracts in Modern Physics , Vol. 213 (2005).

  • VFEL-10

    VFEL-10 (2001)


    VFEL-300 (since 2003)


    Grid resonator ( V.G.Baryshevsky et al. Proc. IRMMW-THz 2010; Proc FEL2010 ):

    Grid resonator Grid resonator
    Grid resonator

    Grid resonator

    Foil resonator ( V.G.Baryshevsky et al. Proc. IRMMW-THz 2010; Proc FEL2010 ):

    Foil resonator Foil resonator
    Foil resonator Foil resonator

    Foil resonator

    VFEL first lasing was presented at FEL2001:

    First lasing - 2001

    Scientific leader — Prof. V.G. Baryshevsky


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