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Fundamental physics:
  • Volume free-electron lasers : volume grating is proposed to be both an active medium and a resonator forming the distributed feedback
  • P- and T-violating effects
  • Nuclear optics of polarized media
  • Spontaneous and stimulated parametric (quasi-Cherenkov) X-ray radiation , chanelling and diffracted chanelling radiation in crystals
  • Electromagnetic processes in crystals under the high energies
  • New methods of high-energy particle beam manipulation
  • Investigations in astroparticle physics and cosmology
  • Electrodynamics of nano-structures
  • Development of new generation of detectors of particles and ionizing radiation including scintillators for fundamental research in high energy physics and neitrino physics
  • Spin-dependent effects at the positronium annihilation and their applications to fundamental theories testing
  • Applied physics:
  • Research of extreme matter state under ultra-high temperature and pressure using magnetic cumulation of energy
  • Methods, instruments and equipment for the extraordinary situations protection, radio- and ecological monitoring of the environment; medical control
  • Development of new generation of fast effective scintillators for high energy physics, medical diagnostics and research
  • Design, measurement and application of microwave, millimeter wave and submillimeter wave elements: resonators and waveguides, instruments for noise measurement
  • Methods and equipment for application of microwave energy in the modern biotechnology: effective control of seed and soil infection diseases, increase of seed germinating power, effective sterilization of soil and mineral substrate used in hothouses.
  • Ethanol as Internal Standard for quantitative determination of volatile compounds in spirit drinks
  • Systems of prediction and optimization of blended motor biofuel
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