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Fifth International Conference ISMART 2016
Engineering of Scintillation Materials and Radiation Technologies
26 - 30 September 2016

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ISMART 2016 Program (pdf)

List of invited speakers is here

14.00-20.00 Registration, INP BSU, room 200


Plenary Session (rectorate)
Chairman: Olshewski A.G.

    10.00-10.10 Ablameiko S.V., Rector of BSU. Opening of the Conference
    10.10-10.20 Grinyov B.V., Welcome from the International Organizing Committee
    10.20-10.40 Maksimenko S.A., INP BSU, INP BSU. 30 years of scientific activity

10.40-11.20 Coffee Break and Registration (INP BSU)

Detectors and materials for radiation detection-I

13.00-14.30 Lunch and Registration

Detectors for high energy physics
Plenary Session (rectorate)
Chairman - Korjik M.V.

16.10-16.40 Coffee Break and Registration (INP BSU)

Detectors and materials for radiation detection-II
Plenary Session (rectorate)
Chairman - Gektin A.V.

16.00-18.30 Poster session (INP BSU, 3rd floor)
High energy physics and materials for radiation detection

    Galunov N.Z., ISMA, Radiation-resistant composite scintillators for registration a large flux of ionizing radiation
    Zosim D.I., ISMA, Some features of a homogeneous distribution of light yield along the elongated scintillator based on CsI (Tl)
    Skoroteckiy M.S., ISPM RAS, Synthesis and properties of POPOP structural isomers and their trimethylsilyl derivatives
    Danilenko J.A., ISMA, Application of international standards in scinitillation equipment
    Le Hien Thi Zieu, INP BSU, Initial ionization distribution in active volume of ionization chamber
    Podshibyakin A.V., JINR, The control system, data collection and diagnostics beam mass separator MASHA
    Vasilyev I.I., JINR, The light yield of a long scintillation strip with WLS fiber embedded into the co-extruded hole
    Pushak A.S., Ukrainian Academy of Printing, Luminescent and scintillation properties of K2BaX4:Eu2+(X=Cl, Br)
    Yemialyanchyk I.F., INP BSU, Large Hadron Collider at high luminosity: large radiation damageof scintillatorsanda possible way of solving the problem
    Svertilov S.I., SINP MSU, Energy resolution of the flat, thin detector based on the use of LaBr3:Ce crystal and PMT to be used for the light ions detection with the energy of up to 20 MeV/nucleon
    Svertilov S.I., SINP MSU, Timing resolution of LaBr3:Ce and CeBr3 crystal scintillators in combination with different type photomultipliers, to be used for detection of cosmic radiation.
    Shtitelman V.A., ISMA, Spectral distortion caused stray light and its correction
    Rebrova N.V., ISMA, Crystal growth and scintillation properties of Eu2+ doped RbCaCl3
    Gavrylovets V.V., INP BSU, Influence of a crystal scintillator structure on the energy resolution of a homogeneous electromagnetic calorimeter
    Mikhaylov V.A., INP BSU, Amplifier-discriminator for SiPM readout
    Orsich P. O., INP BSU, Demand for radiation tolerant active materials for hadronic calorimetry at collider experiments with a high luminosity
    Sytov A.I., INP BSU, A way to observe channeling and quasichanneling oscillations in a bent crystal
    Drugakov V.V., INP BSU, A spectrometer system for luminosity measurement in ep scattering experiments
    Kravtchuk N.P., JINR, Trekker prototype on a base of cathode stray
    Belsky A., Institut Lumiere Matiere, Relaxed electronic states of Tl+ and In+ dopants in CsI scintillators

Instruments and equipment for measurement of nuclear radiation and materials for radiation detection

Plenary Session (rectorate)

Chairman - Vasil'ev A.N.

10.30-11.10 Coffee Break and Registration

13.00-14.30 Lunch

Instruments and equipment for measurement of nuclear radiation
Chairman - Nikl M.

    14.30-14.50 Singovski A.V., University of Minnesota,Radiation Hard Electronics for Hadron Collider Experiments. LHC Experience and Projects for HL LHC
    14.50-15.10 Kalinnikov V.A., JINR, Design of homogeneous electromagnetic calorimeter with heavy crystals operating in magnetic fields
    15.10-15.30 Taranyuk V.I., ISMA, Scintillation crystals growth methods for laboratory research and industrial production
    15.30-15.50 Ahmadov F.I., Institute of Radiation Problem,New phoswich detector based on MAPD and LFS& p-terphenyl scintillator
    15.50-16.10 Gorbacheva T.E., ISMA, Light collection in composite and polycrystalline organic scintillators
    16.10-16.30 Kazuchits N.M., BSU, Raman and photoluminescence in diamonds irradiated with swift xenon ions

16.30-17.00 Coffee Break

Chairman - Galunov N.Z.

    17.00-17.20 Baranov V.Y., JINR, Research of properties undoped crystals CsI
    17.20-17.40 Pereymak V.N., ISMA, Improving the temporal characteristics of the plastic scintillator
    17.40-18.00 Malkov A.P., JSC "SSC RIAR", Monitoring systems of distribution of the starting material in the reactor target for production of radionuclides by illumination of ionizing radiation sources
    18.00-18.20 Kalinov V.S., Pre-irradiation annealing influence on efficiency of the near-surface color centers formation in lithium fluoride nano-crystals
    18.20-18.40 Batouritski M.A., INP BSU, Precision measurements RF parameters of superconducting cavities

16.00-18.30 Poster session (INP BSU, 3rd floor)
Instruments and equipment for measurement of nuclear radiation, Materials for radiation detection, Detectors and detector systems for medical diagnostics and security systems, Radiation damage of materials and detectors

    Zhukovsky A.I., ATOMTEX, Gamma spectrometer for radiation monitoring water areas and bottom sediments
    Lukashevich R.V., ATOMTEX, Calibration of scintillation block-comparators for metrological provision of measuring a dose rate of 0.1 μSv/h on the calibration dosimetric installations
    Komar D.I., ATOMTEX,
    Alekseichuk I.A., ATOMTEX, Intellectual scintillation detection units for operating in hard conditions
    Sytova S. N., INP BSU, Basic and applied science at the portal of nuclear knowledge BelNET
    Solomaha T.A., BSU, Synthesis and spectral-luminescent properties of BaI2:Eu2+,3+, M+ powders (M = Li+, Na+, K+)
    Krutyakn N.R., Physical Faculty MSU, Influence of fluorine doping on luminescent properties of cadmium and zinc tungstates
    Nichiporchuk A.O., ATOMTEX, Imitation of volumetric measures of metal activity for the calibration of scintillation gamma-spectrometers
    Makarevich K.O., INP BSU, Applications of Monte Carlo methods in medicine
    Molchanova N.I., ISMA, On the role of metrological provision of in the production process of crystals
    Vasilyev D.A., Vasilyeva N.V., Prokhorov GPI RAS, Optical and scintillation properties of Ce-doped (Pb,Gd)3(Al,Ga)5O12 epitaxial garnet films
    Pedash V.Y., ISMA, Application of semi-transparent interpixel gaps for improvement of spatial resolution in pixilated scintillation detectors
    Danilkin M.I., Vereshchagina N.Y., Lebedev PI RAS, Trapping centres formation in Li2B4O7-based thermoluminescent materials
    Velicheva E. P., JINR, Development of Geant4 optical model of LYSO crystal
    Yamny K.O., The system for intrascopy of the huge objects
    Onufriyev Yu.D., ISMA, LiI(Eu) based composite detector for thermal neutron registration
    Onufriyev Yu.D., Light collection in a scintillation element for HEP applications
    Nepokupnaya T., Combined detector for the registration of low-energy γ-radiation
    Tarasov V.A., ISMA, On the various concepts of quality evaluation for scintillators light output measurements
    Baranova M.A., JSC "SNIIP", Device of detection of inert radioactive gases volume activity
    Shalamova V.Yu., JCS "SNIIP", Device of detection of vapor I-131 volume activity


Plenary Session-I (Council conference room INP BSU)

Detectors and detector systems for medical diagnostics and security systems; neutron detectors

Chairman - Dormenev V.I.

10.00-10.30 Coffee Break (INP BSU)

Specialized scintillators and detectors based on their
Chairman - Dosovitskiy G.A.

Plenary Session-II (Faculty of Physics BSU, room 321)

Detectors and detector systems for security systems and medical imaging
Chairman - Boyarincev A.Y.

10.40-11.20 Coffee Break (INP BSU)

13.00-14.30 Lunch

14.30-18.00 Excursion. Options: Victory Museum or Belarus ethnovillage

18.00-21.00 Conference Dinner


(Council conference room INP BSU, 3rd floor)


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