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Siarhei Charapitsa - visit to Armenia

19-21 October 2015 the joint efforts of the employees of STANDARD DIALOG LLC, the Armenian National Institute of Metrology and the Research Institute for Nuclear Problems of Belarusian State University were conducted to testing and validation of method "Ethanol as Internal Standard" for determining the quantitative content of volatile components of alcoholic beverages by gas chromatography. It was planned and carried out a series of experiments on the gas chromatograph GC1020, manufactured by Shimadzu. The experiments were performed with ethanol-water solutions of toxic impurities, prepared by gravimetric method, and certified reference material CRM LGC5100 Whisky-Congeners. Also it has been tested the work through the Internet of On-line calculator AlcoDrinks on correct determination of volatile compounds, including ethanol, in alcohol products. It is based on the method of "Ethanol as Internal Standard. Calculator can be found at . The results of the research point to the possibility of developing new international standards for the quantitative determination of volatile compounds in alcoholic products.


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