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Cherkas Sergei L. Cherkas

Member of Physical Society of Republic of Belarus

Belarusian State University, Physical Faculty, 1989
PhD, 1997, Belarusian State University, Minsk

2000 , Belarusian State University. Thesis title: "The P-odd violation of the time-reversal invariance under particle scattering by nucleus"

Research Institute for Nuclear Problems, senior researcher, Laboratory of Nuclear Optics and Cosmomicrophysics


Quantum Gravity and Cosmology

Recent selected publications

1 Quantum evolution of the Universe in the constrained quasi-Heisenberg picture: from quanta to classics? S.L. Cherkas, V.L. Kalashnikov Grav.Cosmol.12:126-129,2006
2 Determination of the UV cut-off from the observed value of the Universe acceleration. S.L.Cherkas, V.L.Kalashnikov JCAP 0701:028,2007
3 Quantum mechanics of the closed collapsing Universe K. A. Viarenich, V. L. Kalashnikov, S. L. Cherkas Vestnik Belarus State U., ser. Fiz. 2 (2007) 3-7
4 Functional minimization method addressed to the vacuum finding for an arbitrary driven quantum oscillator. S.V. Anischenko, S.L. Cherkas, V.L. Kalashnikov Nonlinear Phenomena in Complex Systems v.12 p.16-26 (2009)
5 Cosmological production of fermions in a flat Friedman universe with linearly growing scale factor: exactly solvable model. S. V. Anischenko, S. L. Cherkas, V. L. Kalashnikov Nonlin.Phenom.Complex Syst.13:315-319,2010


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