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V.A.Karpovich Karpovich Victor A.

M. Sc. In Radiophysics, June 1980, Belarus State University of Informatics and Radiophysics. Radioingeneering Department, Minsk, Belarus.
Ph.D. in Physics (Candidate of Science in Physics and Mathematics), 2002, Belarus State University, Minsk, Belarus. Thesis title: Special resonant systems in the microwave range and their technical applications
Institute for Nuclear Problems, Belarusian State University, Head of the Laboratory of Radiophysical Research

Main directions of scientific activity:

VHF-systems and components:

  • high quality resonance systems
  • generators
  • transceiver systems
  • stand equipment for physical research in VHF-range

  • Interaction of electromagnetic waves and biological objects:
  • presowing biophysical seed treatment of agricultural crops
  • microwave sterilization and drying of food staff and materials.

  • Electrodynamics of inhomogeneous media:
  • new types of high quality resonance VHF systems
  • research of electrodynamic characteristics of nanomaterials.
  • Promising directions:

  • research of presowing biophysical treatment of flax seeds
  • research of presowing biophysical seed treatment of forestry crops
  • practical applications of nanomaterials in VHF-ranges
  • production of technological VHF equipment for drying and sterilization according to customers requirements
  • Recent selected publications

  • Karpovich V.A., Rodionova V.N., Slepyan G.Ya. Investigation carried out over the MW-range: electrodynamics of resonance systems put forward for solving science-related and applied problems. Telecommunications and Radio Engineering, 57(2-3), 2002. Pp. 168-174.
  • V.Karpovich, V.Rodionova, G.Slepyan. High-quality corrugated resonators for measurement at millimetre and submillimeter bands. Electromagnetics. No.7, Vol.24,2004, pp.515-522.
  • V.Karpovich, E.Novikov, V.Rodionova, G.Slepyan. Past, present and future millimetre waves resonator systems. V Inter. Symposium on physics and engineering of microwave, millimetre and submillimeter waves. Kharkov, Ukraine, June 21-26, 2004. pp. 601-602
  • Rodionova V., Slepyan G., Karpovich V., Skresanov V., Natarov M. Electromagnetic modelling of broadband coupling elements between high-Q resonators and single-mode waveguides. 11 th Inter. Conference on Mathematical Methods in Electromagnetic Theory. 2006, Kharkov, Ukraine, pp.382-386.
  • V.Karpovich. Equipment for measuring amplitude and phase noise of signals in millimeter wave. Proceedings of SPIE. Volume 6159. 2006. PP. 266-270.
  • V.Karpovich, G.Slepyan, V.Skresanov, V.Rodionova, O.Filipenok. Grating coupling elements for high-Q resonators and rectangular waveguides of the millimeter wave band. Journal of Communications Technology and electronics, 2006, Vol.12, pp1227-1231.
  • G. Ya. Slepyan, V.N.Skresanov, V.N.Rodionova, V.A.Karpovich, M.P.Natarov, and O.V.Filipenok. Irregular-Waveguide elements coupling high-Q resonators with single-mode waveguides. Journal of Communications Technology and Electronics, 2008, vol.53, No.2, pp.184-189.
  • V.Karpovich, A.Ermolovich, G.Volinetz. Electromagnetic energy application for soil infectious diseases sterilization. 2-nd International Symposium Microwaves, Radar and Remote Sensing (MRRS-2008), September 22-24, 2008, Kiev, Ukraine.
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