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Minenko Victor Minenko, Ph.D.

Member of National Committee of Radiological Protection

2012-now Institute for Nuclear Problems, Senior researcher at Laboratory of theoretical physics and simulation of nuclear processes

medical dosimetry, retrospective assessment of thyroid doses

List of recent publications
1. Drozdovich V. Thyroid dose estimates for a cohort of Belarusian children exposed to 131I from the Chernobyl accident: assessment of uncertainties / V. Drozdovitch, V. Minenko, I. Golovanov, A. Khrutchinsky, T. Kuhta [et al.] // Radiation Research. 2015. Vol 184. No. 2. PP. 203-218.
2. Drozdovitch V. Thyroid dose estimates of a cohort of Belarusian children exposed to radiation from the Chernobyl accident / V. Drozdovitch, V. Minenko, V. Khrouch, S. Leshcheva, Y. Gavrilin [et al.] // Radiation research. 2013. Vol. 179. No. 5. PP. 597-609.
3. A. Khrutchinsky, V. Drozdovitch, S. Kutsen, V. Minenko, V. Khrouch, N. Luckyanov, P. Voilleque, A. Bouville. Mathematical modeling of a survey-meter used to measure radioactivity in human thyroids: Monte Carlo calculations of the device response and uncertainties. / Applied Radiation and Isotopes. Vol.70, №4(2012). pp. 743–751
4. L B Zablotska, E Ron, A V Rozhko, M Hatch, O N Polyanskaya, A V Brenner, J Lubin, G N Romanov, R J McConnell, P O'Kane, V V Evseenko, V V Drozdovitch, N Luckyanov, V F Minenko, A Bouville and V B Masyakin Thyroid cancer risk in Belarus among children and adolescents exposed to radioiodine after the Chernobyl accident Br J Cancer. 2011 January 4; 104(1): 181–187.
5. Minenko, V. Assessment of patient doses in X-ray diagnostics. / V. Minenko [et al.] //Int. J. Low Radia-tion, 2010. Vol. 7, No. 2, pp. 140-148.
6. A.Khrutchinsky, S.Kutsen, V.Minenko, O.Zhukova, N.Luckyanov, A.Bouville, V.Drozdovitch. Monte Carlo modeling of beta-radiometer device used to measure milk contaminated as a result of the Chernobyl accident. Applied Radiation and Isotopes 67 (2009) 1089–1093.


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