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V.Rodionova Rodionova Valentina N.

M. Sc. In Radiophysics, June 1973, Belarus State University. Physical Department ( radiophysical division) , Minsk, Belarus.
Ph.D. in Physics (Candidate of Science in Physics and Mathematics), 1996, Belarus State University, Minsk, Belarus. Thesis title: Microwave broadband high Q-factor resonators with rarified spectrum of eigen oscillations.

Institute for Nuclear Problems, Belarusian State University, Leading Researcher of the Laboratory of Radiophysical Research

Main directions of scientific activity:

VHF-systems and components:

  • high quality resonance systems
  • generators
  • transceiver systems
  • stand equipment for physical research in VHF-range

  • Interaction of electromagnetic waves and biological objects:
  • presowing biophysical seed treatment of agricultural crops
  • microwave sterilization and drying of food staff and materials.

  • Electrodynamics of inhomogeneous media:
  • new types of high quality resonance VHF systems
  • research of electrodynamic characteristics of nanomaterials.
  • Promising directions:

  • research of presowing biophysical treatment of flax seeds
  • research of presowing biophysical seed treatment of forestry crops
  • practical applications of nanomaterials in VHF-ranges
  • production of technological VHF equipment for drying and sterilization according to customers requirements
  • Recent selected publications

  • Karpovich V.A., Rodionova V.N., Slepyan G.Ya. Investigation carried out over the MW-range: electrodynamics of resonance systems put forward for solving science-related and applied problems. Telecommunications and Radio Engineering, 57(2-3), 2002. Pp. 168-174.
  • V.Karpovich, V.Rodionova, G.Slepyan. High-quality corrugated resonators for measurement at millimetre and submillimeter bands. Electromagnetics. No.7, Vol.24,2004, pp.515-522.
  • V.Karpovich, E.Novikov, V.Rodionova, G.Slepyan. Past, present and future millimetre waves resonator systems. V Inter. Symposium on physics and engineering of microwave, millimetre and submillimeter waves. Kharkov, Ukraine, June 21-26, 2004. pp. 601-602
  • Rodionova V., Slepyan G., Karpovich V., Skresanov V., Natarov M. Electromagnetic modelling of broadband coupling elements between high-Q resonators and single-mode waveguides. 11 th Inter. Conference on Mathematical Methods in Electromagnetic Theory. 2006, Kharkov, Ukraine, pp.382-386.
  • V.Karpovich. Equipment for measuring amplitude and phase noise of signals in millimeter wave. Proceedings of SPIE. Volume 6159. 2006. PP. 266-270.
  • V.Karpovich, G.Slepyan, V.Skresanov, V.Rodionova, O.Filipenok. Grating coupling elements for high-Q resonators and rectangular waveguides of the millimeter wave band. Journal of Communications Technology and electronics, 2006, Vol.12, pp1227-1231.
  • G. Ya. Slepyan, V.N.Skresanov, V.N.Rodionova, V.A.Karpovich, M.P.Natarov, and O.V.Filipenok. Irregular-Waveguide elements coupling high-Q resonators with single-mode waveguides. Journal of Communications Technology and Electronics, 2008, vol.53, No.2, pp.184-189.
  • V.Karpovich, A.Ermolovich, G.Volinetz. Electromagnetic energy application for soil infectious diseases sterilization. 2-nd International Symposium Microwaves, Radar and Remote Sensing (MRRS-2008), September 22-24, 2008, Kiev, Ukraine.
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